3 Extraordinary Farm Shops and Why You Should Visit

Nowadays, people want to know where their food is grown, how it’s grown and the closer to the farm, the better. Huntington County has access to three amazing farms that sell direct to consumers in their own shops. While these don’t seem like a tourist-type of experience, we headed out to the country and took a trip to each, loaded up with all sorts of healthy goodies and had a blast. For even more fun, add in a stop for lunch at one of our delicious restaurants and pop in a few shops along the way.


Seven Sons Farm

So number one, this shop is adorable, adding to the charm of the experience. It’s a little log cabin by the road and inside it’s filled with freezers containing all sorts of cuts of meat, including bison, beef, pork, chicken, eggs and salmon. There’s so many different cuts and types of meat that you should take your time on your first visit to acquaint yourself with all of their products. Second, Seven Sons is not your average farm. They understand that health is important so they have pasture-raised, GMO Free and antibiotic free products. They use sustainable practices. You know that when you purchase your meat here that it is raised in a healthy manner. That and the fact that the meat tastes amazing makes the short drive out to the farm seem much more worthwhile. 

 IMG952782 (2)

The farm store is open daily from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. and it’s on the honor system so make sure you bring cash or check.


15718 Aboite Road, Roanoke (near GM Plant)


The Bee Hive/Sweet Life Honey Farm

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Prepare for the rustic charm that is the Bee Hive, the farm shop for the Sweet Life Honey Farm. You pull into the drive up to the adorable red barn and are immediately greeted by the family dog – yes it’s friendly! They have around 200 hives in the area that they collect honey from and the taste is out of this world. Plan to spend some time looking around the shop because besides a huge selection of honey, the shop is filled with many products that they make from the honey including beauty products (lotions, lip balm), candles and an array of scented soaps.


We were excited by the additional items in the barn including many gift items, pasture raised meat, cheese, loose leaf teas, essential oils, coffee and lots of other surprises.


The Bee Hive is open Wed-Fri. 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Saturday 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. The shop is just off St. Rd. 9 on the way to Salamonie Reservoir and you will want to use your GPS to help you find it. The signage is hard to find.


5386 West 200S, Huntington


 Joseph Decuis Emporium

chickens dr. oz

Pete being interviewed by Dr. Oz film crew

Owners, Pete and Alice Eshelman are deeply committed to raising their Wagyu cattle (Japanese husbandry practices), Mangalitsa pigs and Rainbow Dixie hens in the most all natural, humane, drug-free, and stress-free manner. After all, they are providing the food for one of the top farm-to-fork restaurants in the state and were featured on the Dr. Oz Show and Bloomberg TV for their practices. Here’s the link to the Dr. Oz show clip  http://www.doctoroz.com/episode/why-doesn-t-chicken-taste-grandma-s-used?video_id=4501370280001



In addition to the food supplied to the restaurant, they have a classy shop a few doors down, The Emporium, that sells their carefully raised beef, pork, chicken and eggs. This isn’t your typical farm shop, this location represents the splendor that is Wagyu. Surely we have all wanted to try our hand at cooking Wagyu beef at home and adding it to our favorite recipes and this is where you get it. The Emporium is first and foremost a casual lunch restaurant complete with items from the farm and has a huge assortment of wines, made in Indiana food products and are now adding vegetables grown with organic practices to the mix. Their location in downtown Roanoke makes it easy to stop in while you are shopping or attending a festival. Make sure you don’t leave without trying the Wagyu burger with sweet potato fries.

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They are open Monday through Saturday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and serve lunch from 11 to 3.


154 North Main Street, Roanoke
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