5 Reasons to Stop by Nick’s Kitchen

Welcome to Huntington! Home of Nick’s Kitchen: birthplace of the tenderloin. If you have ever visited Nick’s you already know that there are many reasons to visit. These five are simply my top reasons to stop in.

tenderloin cropped

1. Tenderloins


What screams “Huntington” more than a pork tenderloin sandwich from Nick’s Kitchen? Nick Freienstein’s tenderloin sandwich has been around for the majority of Huntington County’s existence and there are good reasons why it hasn’t left. The recipe has stayed the same for 108 years and if you’ve ever sunk your teeth into one, you understand why.


Moreover, they are HUGE! A full-size tenderloin is 3-4 ounces, aka a quarter of a pound. The mini version is half of that, yet is larger than my entire hand! The full-size tenderloin is a no-brainer, and hats off to you if you can finish the entire sandwich! If you want to save room for dessert, go for the mini, just as delicious, but a bit more eyes-to-stomach proportionate.


2. Pie

Who doesn’t love a tasty homemade pie? I mean, have you ever tried one? If not, I suggest you make your way to Nick’s to have a slice right now! I am not kidding, they are that good!


Usually, the crust is my favorite cut of a piece of pie, but the sugar cream pie at Nick’s forced me to change my mind. The filling is the star of this pie. The crust is still really yummy, but nothing beats the comfort of sugar cream filling.


Craving pie and can’t make the trip to downtown Huntington? Order one of the famous pies online and have it shipped straight to you!


3. Hometown Charm


There are some places you go and for a moment, you forget what time period you are in. Nick’s Kitchen is one of those places. When you go for breakfast, there you will find the usual crowd softly talking about the weather and local happenings as to not disrupt the morning calm.


The walls are clothed with black and white pictures of Huntington’s historic past making it all the easier to take some time to reflect.


4. Travel Channel Famous


Every time I watch a TV show about food, I look it up to see if it is close enough to drive to. Usually, I end up trying to make the food myself – which nearly always fails. Without fail, every restaurant I want to visit is too far away.


The second I learned that there would be a restaurant featured on the Travel Channel in my college town, I immediately made plans to visit. Nick’s Kitchen. That was almost four years ago and I still make sure to make visits downtown. (I would visit more often but by college budget is a bit restricting)


5. Affordable & Local


Though, yes I am in college and have a small budget to work with, I can still afford Nick’s without skimping on the good stuff. I can even afford an appetizer if I really wanted to! I don’t know about you, but I get excited when I can get a full meal and still be able to afford some fried pickles. (Yes, Nick’s has those too!)


With all of these awesome qualities packed into one restaurant, why not go? It is located in downtown Huntington, it is a successful local business, and serves up some delicious grub.

Nick’s Kitchen | 506 N Jefferson St | (260) 356-6618


Shana Christian, Visitor Bureau Marketing Intern, Huntington University




Posted by Tina Bobilya at 3:24 pm