Contemplation and Transformation Happens Here-Labyrinth at Victory Noll


From the natural beauty of the drive into Victory Noll to the quiet sounds of the wind blowing gently through chimes, the experience of the labyrinth is soothing and uplifting.


There are times in our lives when we need a moment away, a moment to clear out the clutter of our ongoing thoughts and seek solitude for quiet contemplation. The labyrinth at Victory Noll in Huntington is a beautiful spiritual tool for meditation and prayer.  In my opinion, the labyrinth is one of the best kept secrets in the county.


So, what is a labyrinth? When you walk up you will notice that it is a path laid out almost like a maze in the ground, but the path always leads to the center and back again.  There is only one entrance that starts at the outer edge, goes into the center which then becomes the path back out.  In the most basic of descriptions, you just follow the path to the center and then return the opposite way – but add to it a whole spiritual component and you have something far more amazing.  There are directions online for using the labyrinth at http://www.olvm.org/vnc_walking_guide.aspx


Walking the labyrinth is a very personal experience and it’s hard to put into words what I felt as I moved along the path, but it was surprisingly powerful and meaningful. It took me almost an hour to complete the process as I paused several times to ponder a thought and I did take time to sit and reflect in the center before heading back out. I have to admit that I was unsure at first of what I would feel, but I finished feeling transformed and uplifted – I felt better. Based on the revelations that I had during my walk, I will be back again and probably very soon.


According to the Victory Noll website, “The labyrinth is one of the oldest contemplative and transformational tools known to humankind.  It has been an integral part of cultures throughout the world for almost 4,000 years.” In addition, “The Labyrinth at Victory Noll is patterned after the 11-circuit labyrinth at the Chartres Cathedral in France which dates back to 1201 CE.  For many centuries people have walked the labyrinth path as a way to enhance prayer, contemplation and spiritual growth.”


Free to all, the staff at Victory Noll ask that you please sign in at the office located near the labyrinth when you arrive. Please remember to respect the integrity of this sacred space and the solitude sought by other guests.


About Victory Noll: Located at 1900 West Park Drive, follow the signs to the Labyrinth.
The Victory Noll Center is sponsored by Our Lady of Victory Missionary Sisters.
The Center offers retreats and programs for individuals and groups seeking to foster spiritual growth and personal development and embraces a multicultural and ecumenical stance.
Offering hospitality, seeking justice and non-violence in all areas of our lives, and walking with people in their faith journey are at the heart of the mission of the Victory Noll Sisters and the Victory Noll Center.

Posted by Tina Bobilya at 3:08 pm