County Tourism is on the Rise

We are excited to report that Huntington County tourism is on the rise. A recent report conducted by Rockport Analytics in conjunction with the Indiana Office of Tourism Development shows that visitor spending within Huntington County rose to $21.9M in 2015 with an increase of 21.5% over 2014 dollars. This growth was the 4th highest rate of growth for the year out of all Indiana counties.


Growth in all areas

During 2015, the county experienced double digit growth in all areas of tourism (Lodging 21.7%, Food/Beverages 27%, Shopping/Retail 20.4%, Entertainment/Recreation 25.3%, Transportation 16%). Visitors are categorized as individuals who come at least 50 miles one way to the county or who spend a night in one of the county’s lodging properties. Which more means more visitors are making their way to our events, businesses and attractions.


Tourism Impacts Local Economy

“What’s exciting for us is that we can quantify the total economic impact that tourism has on the local economy and be able to show that our promotional efforts are working,” stated Tina Bobilya, Executive Director of the Huntington County Visitor Bureau. “We will continue to do these reports every other year to gauge how we are doing,” Bobilya continued. The reports at the state level show that the state of Indiana had a great year in 2015 with a record of $11.5 billion dollars spent by visitors across the state (increase of 8.6%).


Increase in Jobsserver (3)


The local report also showed that there are 396 jobs in the county that are supported either directly or indirectly by tourism. This is an increase of 57 jobs since the 2013 report. Tourism employment in Huntington County had the highest growth rate of of any other industry in Huntington County during the 2015 year which was 19%. Finally, for every dollar visitors spent in the county, 69 cents remained in the county to benefit the local economy.


Posted by Tina Bobilya at 3:25 pm