Enjoy this Slice of American Nostalgia- Head to the Drive-In

Goodrich Huntington Twin Drive-In, 1291 Condit Street, Huntington Website


It’s so hard these days to come up with new things to do with the kids on a weekend. But one of the best things we’ve found for weekend fun is watching movies at the drive-in. My parents never took me to the drive-in movies when I was a kid. We had heard about it, but for whatever reason it was never offered as a night out. So when I started working in Huntington I knew it was time to see what the hype was all about.



The drive in has two lines for ticketing. Remember that ticket prices include 2 movies for the price of 1.


We headed to the Goodrich Huntington Twin Drive-In on a Friday night after loading up the SUV with blankets and pillows. One of the key pieces to a good drive-in experience is figuring out how you will sit during the movie. We had to test this out ahead of time with our new vehicle. Honestly we ended up sitting forward facing in the SUV in our normal seats and surrounded by lots of fluff. I’ve gotta say that I’m jealous of the families who put a mattress in the back of a pick up truck or those who bring their own camp chairs and sit out in the stars. We are low maintenance drive-in attendees and we are good with it.


We went a little after the gates opened because I wanted to make sure we got the pick of the spots and had no trouble when arriving early. The staff will give you details on which side to park for your selected movie. This is a twin drive in meaning there are two screens playing entirely different movies and each screen plays two movies each night. Typically if you are watching the family movie it will be on the side with the playrground.



Kids have a blast on the playground before the movie.


Once we were situated it was time for dinner at the concession stand. We chowed down on hamburgers, hotdogs and a big bucket of popcorn that we almost finished before the movie started. There’s also a huge playground for all of the little ones to run around and enjoy until dusk when the movies start.


One special thing that happens before the movies start is the playing of the “Beep Beep” song which is super fun and you honk the horn along with the music. Let your kids do it and see the smiles on their faces.


There honestly is something so sweet about watching movies with the whole family cuddled up outside. Turn off those cell phones and relax under the stars with friends and family and enjoy a slice of American nostalgia. See you at the drive-in!



We chose a strategic location in the center and near the concession stand and bathrooms.

Posted by Tina Bobilya at 4:43 pm