Great Places to Get Burgers in Huntington County

To me, there’s nothing better than a great burger! I have been around the county sampling burgers at many of Huntington’s restaurants and I have to say that I’ve been quite impressed with the burgers I’ve found. Some were places I had been, while others were small town gems that I might not have visited before this blog. But the lure of finding these great burgers made it worth the trip to them all.


Ask a local where the place is to get the best burgers and the list is as varied as the people I asked so this list is just the beginning of a quest I have for this blog. I might add to the list as I continue to sample, so if you are like me and sometimes just want to enjoy the taste of  a good burger over anything else this list will at least get you started. Below, I have highlights of the restaurants that were selected to highlight with a photo of one of their signature burgers and they are listed in alphabetical order! And yes, I am now on a diet as a result of this blog!


The Berg Ale Haus

(435 Cherry St, Huntington)- An 8oz Bison patty grilled the way you like it and topped with Bourbon infused bacon, cole slaw, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle, bbq sauce and your choice of cheese…yum! Choose from several other “Bergers” and sit out on their newly finished patio for an amazing meal.


20150424_151029-1 (3)

Brick House Grill

(19 West Washington St., Huntington) – This char grilled burger is topped with thin sliced onion straws, bacon and homemade bistro sauce! Make sure you get it with a side of chips. Another of our favorites is the Goober Burger with peanut butter, bacon and mayo – it’s rich and filled with flavor.


bistro burger

The Daily Diner

(690 West Logan St, Markle) – The Diner Sink Burger is a meal in itself with two hamburger patties, a sausage patty, 2 strips of bacon, fried egg, pickled jalapeno and cheese! All their burgers are “smashed” as they cook and dressed to order! Try it with one of their bacon milkshakes for a full flavor experience! You also have to try their breakfast, deemed “best place ever” by my kids one Saturday morning!


sink low res

Emporium at Joseph Decuis

(154 N. Main St., Roanoke) – This grilled waygu burger is an experience in itself. The beef is raised on their farm just miles away and this lunch restaurant is a mid-day complement to their famous farm-to-fork restaurant, Joseph Decuis, a few doors down. Wagyu means “Japanese Cow or Beef” and is known for its intense marbling and quality of flavor. Make sure you get the sweet potato fries as a side!



JD’s Restaurant and Bar

(426 Warren St., Huntington) – This classic hand pattied bacon cheeseburger is made with quality ground chuck and grilled and cooked to order. Many times, this is my go to place in the middle of the day with great staff and daily specials! JD’s is also known for their fried bluegill and frog legs! Perhaps those will be on another blog!


2015-05-30 01.57.32 (2)

Moe’s Restaurant

(2990 W. Park Dr., Huntington) – If the name alone doesn’t make you want to order it, the taste should! The Burnt Cheese Cheeseburger at Moe’s is the only one I’ve seen served anywhere in the area! This really is a great burger from the flavor of the meat and the fresh toppings to the smoky flavor of the burnt cheese. I loved it and their fries were some of my favorites. Get it with one of their homemade wine slushies if the mood strikes you!

20150514_162444 (2)


The Rusty Dog Irish Pub

(32 N. Jefferson St., Huntington) – The 2015 winner of the best burger award by the Herald-Press, the Rusty Dog does not disappoint. Trigg Foxhound Burger is a half-pound patty of fresh ground chuck topped with Swiss cheese, real bacon coleslaw and Bourbon BBQ sauce served with hand-cut pub fries.  They will supply plenty of napkins.




Uptown Tavern

(32 Washington St., Huntington) – As I was working on the blog, someone told me the best burger in town was at the Uptown Tavern. The Uptown menu is simple and sticks to the classics and I must say the hand pattied cheeseburger was fantastic! You also must stop in for Chili Dog Tuesdays, which is every other week and make sure you get more than one!


burger for web


Wagon Wheel Tavern

(217 N. Wayne St., Warren) – The Broken Spoke Burger is a 1/2 pound black Angus hamburger with smokey BBQ sauce, cheddar cheese, bacon & fried onion tanglers and is one delicious burger. They have several great burgers on the menu, including their Big A** Burger that you will want to try while you grab a drink and play a round of pool on their “L-Shaped” pool table.

Broken Spoke Burger2


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