Ice Cream equals Family Fun

Jump on a bike. Load the family in the car. Take a walk up the street. It doesn’t matter how you get there, just go. There’s nothing better than a family outing for ice cream and Huntington County has some sweet options. We encourage you to head out of town or try a different ice cream shop for a change of pace. Maybe even head to another community for dinner and/or the park before treating yourselves to an ice cream treat.


CookieMonsterSundae (2)

From the moment you walk through the front door, you know you have arrived somewhere special. Pass the vintage items to find a large counter where they serve up hand dipped ice cream, cones, sundaes, sodas and delicious milk shakes. Try a root beer float with their draft 1919 root beer or a cookie monster sundae! Pair your treat with one of their craft sodas, take a walk downtown to the Rotary Centennial Park and you have the perfect combination to cool off on a summer evening.

401 N. Jefferson St., Huntington (260) 200-1065



BK Drive In

server (3)

We love all things retro and pulling in to an old school style drive in where they bring you frosty root beer and place it on a tray in your car window is bliss. Grab ice cream treats and root beer floats and have a great conversation in the car about the good old days when you were a kid and try not to be too annoying!

1218 S Jefferson St, Huntington  (260) 356-6920


Dairy Queen


Dairy Queen has been around for as long as I can remember so while it’s not new or unique, nothing beats a stop in at one of your local Dairy a Queens for one of your favorites. The one on Etna Avenue has it’s original sign which always makes me feel a little more nostalgic when I stop in for a cone or my all time favorite, chocolate dilly bar.

3 locations
1105 1st St., Huntington (260) 356-3828
1005 Etna Ave, Huntington (260) 356-8341
615 Annette Dr, Markle (260) 758-2196


Moose and Mollie’s



There aren’t many places where you can find gelato. One trip to Italy will get you hooked forever on this indulgent cousin of ice cream and Moose and Mollie’s always has a great selection of flavors. The shop also has soft serve ice cream for cones, sundaes, razzles and shakes. Located in the heart of Roanoke, this shop is a great place to stop after a walk around this picturesque town or take the ice cream to the Roanoke Park.

171 E 2nd St., Roanoke (260) 676-2435


Countrymark – Huggy Bear Ice Cream Stop


In smaller communities sometimes convenience stores take on multiple hats and for their cold treat offerings, the Countrymark/Huggy Bear in Warren gets two thumbs up from us. They have Ashby’s hard ice cream, but our absolute favorite is their 24 flavors of soft serve! They customize your flavor for you right on the spot and you can even mix the flavors to create an even better one. (next time I’m going for peanut butter, banana, coffee) It does take them a minute to mix up the flavor so be patient with them, it’s totally worth it.


431 Huntington Ave., Warren  (260)375-3255


Zesto Ice Cream


Who here doesn’t love Zesto’s soft serve? They serve up a full line of ice cream treats but my favorite is still a hot fudge sundae with pecans. Try to break the habit of going through the drive through and either sit out front or take the ice cream to one of our many beautiful parks for a change of pace.

2830 N Jefferson St, Huntington  (260) 358-0555


Posted by Tina Bobilya at 3:38 pm