Johnny’s Restaurant – Nostalgic, No-Brainer

One of the first restaurants I visited as a wide-eyed freshman was Johnny’s. It didn’t take long to convince me to go – practically every upperclassman raved about the delicious cinnamon rolls. So, I went. Obviously, I too loved the cinnamon rolls but what I have come to learn is that there is so much more to love.



Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely appreciate Johnny’s the way it is now, but I would have loved to experience it in its glory days. Imagine pulling up in your now classic car to find your waitress skating over to take your order. The neon signage made it impossible to miss the unique and hip restaurant just off of the main road.  To this day, the restaurant has a unique charm and remains virtually unchanged from the original look minus the neon and the carhop service.


The Food

Breakfast is a no-brainer. If you are a breakfast person you will LOVE this place. If you aren’t big on breakfast, have no fear, lunch and dinner are loaded with yummy options. My favorite is the burger and fries. It may sound average but don’t knock it until you try it. If you’re feeling a bit adventurous, ask for the special sauce. It is a quality meal at a price that leaves room for dessert – hint pie. If you have some room left after your meal, get a slice of pie. You won’t regret it.

No matter what you order, you can be sure that it will be served up with some loving sass and cinnamon rolls.

The locals go crazy for Johnny’s unique cinnamon rolls.


Genuine Simplicity

The building is nothing typical of a restaurant; it is circular. There is no large sign outside (the locals know exactly where to go) and when you walk in, you seat yourself. Once you pick your seat, make sure to leave enough room for the waitress to take a quick sit and jot down your order. Once you’ve done all of that, try and take a deep breath and enjoy the simplicity of the atmosphere.

There is nothing complicated about Johnny’s and that can’t be said about all restaurants.


The Price

The best thing about Johnny’s is the price. For home cooking this good, you might expect a pricey ticket at the end of your visit. Luckily, you can get this lovely home cooked food for about the price of McDonald’s. Where else can you get two cinnamon rolls for one dollar? Now that is a deal. I apologize for the excessive mentions of the lovely frosted cinnamon rolls, but I am so desperately in love.


Finally, the Memories

There are so many reasons to love Johnny’s, but the most valuable to me will be the memories. Some nights the only light at the end of a ten-page paper was a trip to Johnny’s before class. For others, it was the joy of introducing someone new to their favorite breakfast spot. Either way, the joy of slowing down and eating a meal over conversations with good friends is something to cherish because, if we are being honest, there is no way my food will last near as long.


When you do decide to go, make sure to bring your cash because they don’t take plastic.


Johnny’s Restaurant

26 Riverside Drive, Huntington



Shana Christian, Visitor Bureau Marketing Intern, Huntington University

Posted by Tina Bobilya at 2:32 pm