Local Waterways Create Perfect Backdrop for Trails

I don’t know about you, but I love the warmer months of the year and as soon the temps are up I’m ready to find ways to be outside in nature. One of the most enjoyable and simplest activities that you can do in this area to enjoy nature is to hit one of the beautiful trails in Huntington County.


We are very fortunate to have the scenic Wabash and Little Rivers that wind through the county as well as our state park at Salamonie Lake and they create a perfect back drop for a number of breathtaking trails that help you clear your mind and get away from the hassels of everyday life.


We’ve been out in the county visiting a number of these trails with distances less than a mile up to a hefty 13 miles long and that range from flat paved trails to intermediate hikes. We hope that you will join us out on the trails and take some time to explore our landscape and maybe find yourself somewhere among the trees and the flowing waters.


Salamonie Lake – 9214 W Lost Bridge W, Huntington



There are several trails of varying lengths at Salamonie Lake (DNR). This one wraps around beautiful hills and meadows.


Salamonie Lake DNR property features one of the top ten largest lakes in the state they have several scenic hiking routes from the Turkey Cove Trail that is .4 mile up to the 13 mile Blood Root trail and several in between. These paths are unpaved but well maintained. Head out for an afternoon or a fun multi-day camping trip. And make sure you take some time and visit the tail waters of the dam – it’s a great place to meander around the rocks and the water.



Evergreen Park – 1390 Evergreen Road, Huntington


Take time to stop and take in the overhead views of the Wabash River.


Don’t have time for a longer walk but want to be out in nature? Head to Evergreen Park to walk one of our favorite 1 mile trails. The trail drops into a clearing and wraps along the Wabash River and a designated grassland preservation area. The best part of the trail is the scenic overlooks providing you breathtaking views of the Wabash River below. There are plenty of places to sit and stay for a while. Bring the kids or grandkids and have an afternoon picnic while the kids play on the playground.



Lime City Trail – West Park Drive, Huntington


Just a snapshot of the gorgeous river views from the Lime City trail that make it a favorite with the locals.


One of my favorite places to escape during the day is the Lime City Trail. Park at the trailhead along West Park Drive near the St. Rd. 9/ US 24 Intersection and head out on this one mile trail (1.75 miles if you go all the way down and back) that wraps right along the river and lose yourself amid the natural beauty of trees and water.  The trail also passes by the Forks of the Wabash Historic Park which reminds us all of the tremendous history of this area and the impact that the rivers.



Memorial Park – 1200 West Park Drive, Huntington


The trail at Memorial Park winds around beautiful reflecting pools and landscaped gardens.


I love to get out at lunch time and one of my favorite places to walk is Memorial Park. Turn into the main drive and this gem of a trail wraps around the ponds to the right. This is a great place to head during a lunch break to take in a quick walk outdoors and enjoy the sunshine. Full distance is less than a mile.



Tel Hy Nature Preserve (ACRES Land Trust) 1429 N 300 W, Huntington


Walk along the Wabash River at Tel Hy Nature Preserve


If you are looking for a hike close to town, you might check out Tel-hy Nature Preserve which is an ACRES Land Trust Property. Park your car in the lot and enjoy this 1.3 mile hike through these lovely looped trails that wind you around with overhead views of the river and into wooded areas. If you aren’t looking for a more advanced hike, try to stay to the left at the fork. The path is unpaved so make sure you wear appropriate footwear in case of muddy areas.



Posted by Tina Bobilya at 12:04 pm