Sugar! YES, please! Fourteen places for baked goods in Huntington County

There’s something so tantalizingly wonderful about freshly made baked goods. Just in the past 18 months or so, Huntington County has become home to a growing number of bakeries and places with baked good and treats – and we LOVE IT! What’s also fun is that each place is a little different than the next so we have a great selection of places to sample (and sample, AND SAMPLE again).


Some things to keep in mind as you explore our options: check days and hours of operation and don’t be afraid to call ahead to order specific treats. In order to maintain freshness, many of the businesses maintain limited stock in the case and they love it when you call ahead so that they can make your items fresh and ensure the quantities you need.

Brock’s Cakery

15578475_1139296736190590_5598258270349736995_nOkay, so this place is around the corner from our office in Huntington and when we found out that she had cupcakes in the case, we RAN over to see. They are absolutely delicious and taste like mini wedding cakes. We will never order another birthday cake from anywhere else and I’m not kidding. Brock’s has a small quantity of cupcakes, brownies and cookies in the case, but she’s mostly known around these parts for her special order cakes and wedding cakes. And I can assure you, they are special.


37 East Washington Street, Huntington
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Nick’s Kitchen, Huntington

12644771_10153401410296732_7186240719169249117_nNot only is this 100+ year old restaurant famous for their original hand breaded pork tenderloin, but they also make a mean sugar cream pie! They have several pie flavors every day but made this list because they have a HUGE carry out pie business and will actually ship across the country…especially to those loved ones who miss a taste of home or are curious as to what all the hype is about.


506 N.Jefferson St., Huntington
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Home Style Bakery

20151130_132610 (2)When people in Huntington need cookies, they go to the Home Style Bakery found inside the Citgo on US 24 across from the Forks of the Wabash Historic Park. Do not let the location dissuade you from stopping and taking home several containers full of their freshly made cookies. Let me recommend the frosted orange cookies and the peanut butter blossoms. YUM!

3030 West Park Drive, Huntington


Son-Rise Bakery

15170857_973626729408219_1782002159044002625_nNestled in the heart of Warren is the Son-Rise Bakery. Some of their specialties include delicious caramel-iced cinnamon rolls, candies and fudge, cakes, breads, cookies, cupcakes and pies. Come down for breakfast because they serve homemade biscuits and gravy, quiche, muffins, and breakfast sandwiches complete with gourmet lattes, mochas and macchiatos.

204 N. Wayne Street, Warren
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Kim’s Katered Affair

cropped cupcakesKim has been running a successful catering business in the county for years and finally has opened her own shop to the happiness of many locals who crave more access to the deliciousness. Kim serves a choice of two home cooked lunch options daily and always has cookies and cupcakes for customers to take home. I go to Warren frequently and I always make a stop for her chocolate chip cookies. They never make it back to the office. You can special order any treat including pies, cakes, cookies, etc. Try her sugar cream pie…it’s fantastic!

115 West Wayne Street, Warren
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Nadean’s Cakes/Cookies/Catering

12189722_975449515858707_8151408008021513482_nNadean is another catering pro from the county who has expanded into a downtown bakery and catering location. Walk into her shop and you immediately are greeted by the scent of several types of homemade cookies, amazing brownies and her best-selling treat, “Scotcharoos.” Special order your favorites or larger quantities. Nadean also features an ever changing lunch special on Thursdays and Fridays for those wanting to carry out a home-cooked meal.

195 E. Morse Street, Markle

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Grandma Sue’s Pies

20160903_104440-2 Okay, pie! Need we say more? Grandma Sue’s does most of the work for you and has a delicious selection of frozen unbaked fruit, pumpkin, sugar cream pies. Just take them home and bake them up when you are ready for freshly baked pie. The apple is my favorite and don’t ask me for a slice because I don’t share desserts…sorry! While you are there, grab a bag of their other specialty – homemade noodles!

212 N. Main Street, Roanoke

La Dolce Vita

apple tartThere are many reasons to visit La Dolce Vita – cooking classes, culinary retail items, private catering events or meals/food items to go. Laura has an extensive and impressive list of professional culinary education and the evidence is in the taste. Her apple tart is one of the best things I’ve ever tasted and one of her specialties is the mango framboise tart! La Dolce Vita doesn’t have a case with treats, but you simply need to call ahead to special order your selection of breads, tarts, pastries and/or desserts. No job is too complicated.

165 S. Main Street, Roanoke



Proper Pastry

20160122_123726 (2)This charming shop in the middle of downtown Roanoke has a rich assortment of breads, croissants, macarons, and pastries. What’s fun about stopping here is that everything in the case is beautiful and looks amazing. It’s honestly hard to decide which item to bring home. I finally landed on the chocolate brownie bombs which were the “bomb”- you must try one. She also makes the most beautiful and creative wedding cakes. Stop in…you won’t regret it. The photo across the top of this page is from Proper Pastry.

139 N. Main Street, Roanoke



Moose & Mollie’s

20160122_125817 (2)This amazing Roanoke gem started out as a gelato and ice cream shop and has quickly expanded into a full menu of coffee drinks, food and desserts. The case is always filled with scratch made treats including caramel apple pie made in a cast iron skillet, large chocolate chip cookies, scones, delicious carrot cake with whipped cream, cannoli and her infamous lemon ricotta cookies. Stephanie is always trying new things so she might surprise you with other yummy selections depending on the day and season.

147 E. 2nd Street, Roanoke




Sugar Mama’s Bakery

Cookies from facebookWith it’s big cookies, sweet rolls, cupcakes, pastries and other goodies, Sugar Mama’s has certainly taken Downtown Huntington by storm.  They usually have a large selection of treats in the case daily but will also accommodate custom orders. Also, she does amazing hand painted sugar cookies and has a huge selection of designs. So far, our favorite is the orange sweet rolls…which is well worth the sugar buzz! Her closing times may vary as items sometimes sell out so check ahead if you are running late.



500 North Jefferson St, Huntington
(260) 200-1546

Main Street Bakery

cinnamon-rollsWe are so excited to add another bakery to the list, this new shop has a Warren address but is technically on Main Street in Mount Etna. Even with it being in this tiny town, it’s got a steady line up of customers for her delicous cinnamon rolls, fruit and cream pies, freshly baked bread, homemade noodles, cupcakes and other goodies in the case. She also sells soups, salads, and sandwiches for carryout for lunch – selections vary daily. Call ahead for special orders. Open Tuesday to Friday 10 to 2.


6086 South 594 West, Mount Etna


Rolling Pin Bakehouse

15355614_662421763917511_1927106780769531135_nThe Rolling Pin Bakehouse is located just outside of Roanoke and is a home-based, roadside stand business so you need to call ahead. Orders are available for pick up several times a month. She makes cookies, pies, candies, brownies and a number of goodies. The Rolling Pin Bakehouse was also featured on a national PBS Special entitled “A Few Good Pies.”

14401 Winters Rd, Roanoke
(260) 918-3376





The Grand Sweet Shop

11693927_124137794616056_8531584940398614371_nYou name it, Robin makes it! Candies, cookies, pies, cakes, cupcakes, and they are all delectable. Currently, this shop is by special order only and items can be picked up at her shop in Markle. We recently had her buckeyes here in the office and they were some of the best we’ve had.

565 West Morse Street, Markle

(260) 359-3416

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