Ten things you should do in Huntington County in 2017!

This list is obviously not all-inclusive, but instead a way to spark your creativity to help plan a year of FUN.


1. Try as many sodas as you can at Antiqology in Downtown Huntington. Have you seen the wall of sodas at this place? It’s impressive at minimum. You could try a new one every day of 2017 and not taste them all.

Antiqology craft sodas

Antiqology has hundreds of craft sodas to try


2. Get as many friends together as you can and rent a party barge at Pirates Cove at Salamonie Lake. We think combining it with a weekend of camping is first-rate fun.

Rent out the barge for the day.

Rent out the barge for the day.


3. Go see a show at the Pulse Opera House. First off, they don’t do operas in case you were wondering. But they do community theater right in this amazing historic building in Downtown Warren.

Pulse Opera House in Warren, Indiana

Pulse Opera House in Warren, Indiana


4. Come out for the hot air balloon glow during Heritage Days in June. A lot of people come out for the show and it’s spectacular to watch. Or join us for river tubing fun during Splash on the Wabash in July.


Spectacular balloon glow at Huntington Heritage Days

Spectacular balloon glow at Huntington Heritage Days


5. Watch a movie at the Goodrich Twin Huntington Drive-In and get a big bucket of popcorn. Make sure you plan ahead and bring plenty of pillows and/or comfy chairs.

Drive In 1


6. Try a new restaurant, or two…or ten. If there is one thing that keeps people coming back to Huntington County and we hear it again and again – it’s the food! Ask around for recommendations, call our office, or just pick a place and try it. Tenderloins, Wagyu steak, burgers of all kinds, pizza and Philly cheesesteaks all wait for your dining pleasure. (Blog: 10 Best things I’ve eaten in Huntington County) 

tenderloin cropped

Mini tenderloin from Nick’s Kitchen


7. We have a ton of new bakeries filled with cookies, pies, cakes, muffins, etc. so you should get to work trying something from each. (Blog: Sugar, Yes Please!)

Son Rise

Cinnamon rolls from Son Rise Bakery


8. Take time to visit each of our small towns and check out their shops and boutiques. We have people come from all over the area to shop here and many new places have opened in just the past few years. If you haven’t been shopping in Huntington County lately, you really should take time and come. (Link: Shopping and Retail page)




9. Hike one of our beautiful trails listed on the Parks and Recreation page. Many are even located within Huntington city limits to make it easy to stop over on a lunch for a quick break. Or head over to Victory Noll in Huntington and walk the labyrinth.

Walk along the Wabash River at Tel Hy Nature Preserve

Walk along the Wabash River at Tel Hy Nature Preserve


10. Have you been out to Zip Timber Lake and done the high adventure canopy tour? It is one of our favorite things to do in the county and the 1000’ lake zip grand finale will leave you wanting to do it again.

zip line

Zip across the lake at Zip Timber Lake.


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Posted by Tina Bobilya at 10:41 am