The 10 BEST Things I’ve Eaten in Huntington County! And growing….

I’ve been with the Visitor Bureau for over five years and in that time I’ve eaten in restaurants all over Huntington County. I am a foodie through and through and YES, I do lie awake in bed at night thinking about my favorites. I will say that I’ve had some amazing meals during this time but this list is extra special…it’s a compilation of my “WOW” food moments that I’ve chalked up to some of the best things I’ve ever eaten – EVER. Just in case you are wondering, they are not in any sort of order. Details on each of the restaurants can be found in our food and drink section. 


The Goober Burger at Brick House Grill, Huntington

This burger was a first for me. I mean, peanut butter on a burger? Gross!  Originally, I tried to get my intern to taste test it for me, but he forced me to try it anyways. What I discovered was that peanut butter on a burger is seriously under-rated and the Brick House has a blend of peanut butter, mayo and bacon that has me salivating even months after having it. Be brave and try it! You will not be sorry!

goober 3

Bean Burrito at Mecates Mexican Grill, Huntington

So, I typically get bean burritos at Mexican restaurants so when I got my first burrito at Mecates I realized that they have the best refried beans in the area. There’s something uniquely different about how they are cooked that brings me back time and again. Don’t change this recipe!


The Chocolate Chip Cookie at Kim’s Katered Affair, Warren

There’s one thing that I always do when I am in Warren and that’s swing by Kim’s Katered Affair for cookies. Usually the cookies don’t make it past my car pulling out of my parking spot. These cookies are by far some of the best cookies I’ve ever had and you can taste the buttery goodness in each bite. All of her cookies are drool-worthy, but I can’t help myself around the chocolate chip.

kims katered affair desserts

Garlic Knots from Vinatelli’s Italian Grill, Markle

Garlic breads are my favorite food so I had to stop over and try the garlic knots at Vinatelli’s. This is seriously a whole meal for me and no, I won’t share. These garlic knots come out of the kitchen warm and the garlic butter dip absolutely makes these little nuggets over-the-top delicious! Well worth the drive to Markle.

IMG_20150724_124407 (2)

Double Crust, Double Cheese Pizza at the Rusty Pan, Roanoke

The first time I tried this pizza I was honestly MAD! Mostly for not knowing my entire life that this pizza existed and it was so close to me that I could have it on a regular basis. The double cheese, double crust is one of the best pizzas I’ve had in a long time. My kids said it was better than the pizza they had just had in Chicago. And I would agree it’s notewothy. There’s a layer of crust, sauce and cheese and then another crust and a layer of cheese on top. They don’t deliver so you are going to have to make the drive to pick it up.

20160315_171647 (2)

Wedding White Cupcake Brock’s Cakery, Huntington

You know when you go to a wedding and you get the best wedding cake ever…well Deb’s cupcakes are those! She has many flavors in the case but I always stick to the wedding white. Deb usually has cupcakes in the case, but if you need a large quantity you will definitely need to call ahead. Because of these cupcakes, Deb is now our official source for birthday cakes and those taste even better than the cupcakes. How can that be?

IMG_20160203_125528 (2)

3 Cheese Toastie from Moose and Mollie’s, Roanoke

The blend of the three magical cheeses with great bread and a simple slice of tomato create one addicting cheese toastie sandwich. I have daydreams about this sandwich when I pass by Roanoke on my way into the office. Make sure you get it with the potato salad and finish it off with a lemon ricotta cookie. Delicious!


The Dixie Dingo Burger from The Rusty Dog, Huntington

I love the creative touches that go into so many of the sandwiches at the Rusty Dog and my favorite burger, the Dixie Dingo, has a fried green tomato and homemade pimento cheese on top. I’ve never had anything like it and the flavors blend so well together. The pimento cheese is my favorite part of the burger and you can order it on top of fries which is a slam dunk!

dixie dingo1 low res

Wagyu Filet at Joseph Decuis, Roanoke

I actually had to sit in silence for a few moments after my first taste of Wagyu steak. This is by far the best steak I’ve ever had and I honestly can say that I understand what all the hype is about. Not only are the steaks legendary, but everything about my meal was culinary masterpiece While I’m not a fancy food critic, I know what I like and this steak is in a class all it’s own.

20150810_125214 (2)

Sugar Cream Pie at Nick’s Kitchen, Huntington

So before working at the Visitor Bureau I did not like pie and most certainly had never had sugar cream pie. So when I tasted it for the first time at Nick’s Kitchen, who is famous for their version of the Indiana favorite pie, I didn’t have high hopes that I would be wowed. Boy, was I wrong. This pie is life-changing and Jean Ann’s version is one of my absolute all-time favorites (because of course now I order it all of the time). Don’t leave without a slice of this goodness or just take home a whole pie.


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