Three Reasons For You to Try Bike Sharing

Why would I want to rent a bike?



So many of you have probably seen the Zagster bikes located in a few locations around town and wondering why they are there. Bike sharing is a rising trend across the US and one that we hope will take off in Huntington. We think it’s cool because not everyone owns a bike, traveling with bikes can be cumbersome, and these bikes are super cool cruisers that you don’t have to store in an already crowded garage. Plus, they help expose more people to bike riding. Essentially you “rent” the bike for a specified amount of time and you pay via their website or an app you can download to your smart phone. We will get to instructions in a minute, but first I want to address three great reasons for renting a bike in Huntington.
1. You want to try out the new bike trails and have some fun. Getting out on the designated bike routes around town is super fun and if you don’t have a bike, head out on one of the Zagster bikes. It’s a great inexpensive way to see if bike riding is your thing. We are hoping you will love it so much that you will go out and get your own and make bike riding part of your regular fitness routine. Or keep renting the Zagster for an occasional bike ride.
2. You want to save gas. There’s no reason to drive the car across town to a meeting when you can grab a bike, enjoy the time outside and get in a little exercise.
3. You are from out of town and want a cool way to see the sights. Park at the library, grab a Zagster and head out. Stop by the Visitor Bureau for bike maps and we can show you the best route for what you want to see.
Using the Zagster is easy. All you need to do is either download the Zagster app or visit Then choose which time frame you want to use the bike. They will give you a code to unlock a bike. You simply type the code in on the bike, give it a few seconds and it will unlock. Then ride as long as you like and return the bike to any Zagster location. The ones here in Huntington are at the downtown library, Drover Park and Huntington University. FYI, you must be at least 18 years of age to rent the bikes and only one bike per member. The use of helmets is strongly advised.

Posted by Tina Bobilya at 11:42 am