Try These Delicious Vegetarian Options in Huntington County

Guest Blogger: Sarah Gruenewald, HU Intern

Whether you eat your veggies for the animals, the planet, your health, or just the taste, there are plenty of options in Huntington County to eat green(er).


Did you know: People who are opting for plants for at least one meal a week accounted for over a third of the American population in 2015 alone (Vegetarian Resource Group).
I personally decided to live without animal products during my first year at Huntington University for the well-being of animals and for our planet. I rarely have issues eating on campus, but get the “salad blues” because sometimes that’s the only plant-based dish on the menu. So I went on a food tour to Huntington County’s favorite local eateries to discover how people can eat meatless without relying on lettuce.

Here’s what I found…



Jimmy Pop’s Pizza Shop, 863 E. Market St., Huntington, 260-200-1154

At Jimmy Pop’s, you can get a once-in-a-lifetime pizza experience with a pizza up to 30 inches across! Their veggie supreme features all the classic toppings along with some veggies that aren’t often coupled with pizza – like broccoli and cauliflower. My personal favorite.


Veggie supreme with half cheese! Like a salad, but better because it’s on a pizza.


Other places to get some great pizza…


Pizza Junction Cafe, 40 W. Washington St., Huntington, 260-356-1556

They have a wide variety of pastas with some gluten-free noodle options.

Z-Place, 538 Warren St., Huntington, 260-356-4500

They specialize in thin crust and offer a student discount!



In the Midwest, I grew up on barbecue, so a savory burger substitute is one I crave frequently. Luckily, there are plenty of places around Huntington County to snag a burger – many of them offer top-notch green options. If you’re feeling a bit greener, I highly recommend the following:


The Rusty Dog, 32 N. Jefferson St., Huntington, 260-579-0433

Two veggie options: portabella mushroom cap and black bean patty. You can opt for one of their listed burgers or build your own with anything as classic as lettuce and tomatoes to zesty pico de gallo. I highly recommend the sundried tomato pesto.
Not to mention other sandwiches like the crispy eggplant or fried green tomatoes! Order any of these without cheese for a vegan meal to die for.


Crispy fried eggplant topped with goat cheese, roasted zucchini, and sun-dried tomato basil spread.



I ordered a juicy portabella burger because I love mushrooms. You can’t see it because I piled on some house-made pico de gallo and freshly roasted bell peppers. Again, the sundried tomato pesto was to die for. I will definitely be eating this again.


IMPORTANT NOTE: The Rusty Dog is open 4:30 p.m. to 11 p.m. and is closed on Sunday and Monday evenings, they are a great dinner option! Gluten-free bread options are also available.

The Berg Ale House, 435 Cherry St., Huntington, 260-200-1375,

The Berg, known for it’s great Bergers, offers its own take on the hearty Veggie Berger that can hold its own amongst its beefy counterparts.


Classic berger. Black bean patty and traditional toppings. Homemade kettle chips. Can’t mess up a good formula.



I said I was going to avoid salads, but this Apple Pecan Salad was just too good to pass up. So colorful and fresh.


The Joseph Decuis Emporium, 154 N. Main St., Roanoke, 260-672-1715,

The Joseph Decuis offers a delectable black bean burger. Everything at Joseph Decuis, the Emporium included, is fresh from the farm, but that doesn’t mean their food is livestock-exclusive. Their burger is absolutely fantastic, and if you want a salad, getting it meat-free will take $2 off your bill. More to put toward something in the emporium!

spicy black bean burger

I got the spicy black bean burger with sweet potato fries on the side for no upcharge! High-class power lunch with plenty of shopping options. I got some popcorn kernels and a honey stirrer to take home with me. Definitely going back for a nice meal with my parents.


 Joseph Decuis, 191 N. Main St., Roanoke, 260-672-1715,

For a fine dining experience, you will not want to miss Joseph Decuis, known for providing one of the finest farm-to-fork dining experiences in the state. Dress up and eat a sophisticated meal consisting of homegrown butternut squash in ravioli along with vérdir jardin. Reservations are recommended.

Comfort Food


If you’re feeling something good and greasy, some of the best options can be found in the appetizer section.

The Brick House Grill, 19, W. Washington St., Huntington 260-224-6696

The Brick House Grill’s sides and apps are a smorgasbord of guilty goodness. Fried green tomatoes, spicy fiesta dip, fried mac and gouda, southern fried pickles, and stuffed baby bellas. And, as always, there are some delicious salad options.


The Pickle, 102 E. Morse St., Markle, 260-758- 2400

The Pickle in Markle also has of apps and sides! Fried and cheesy delights: pretzels, nachos (hold the beef), jalepeño poppers, loaded baked potatoes, anyone? Oh, and more pizza. Monday specials are pizza and Tuesday specials are the loaded potato


Café Experience


Huntington County is home to its fair share of coffee shops, but a few of them step up and offer more than just snacks.

Café of Hope, 900 E. State St., Huntington, 260-356-0055,

Cafe of Hope has a full menu from breakfast foods, to soups, salads, wraps, and sandwiches. My personal favorite is the peanut butter and jelly kids meal, where I can get a non-specialty drink, like soda or black coffee, with a full sandwich and a side of kettle chips. The barista can grill or toast it if you ask. They also have grilled cheese!



Café of Hope, located inside Life Church, sports a full specialty coffee shop AND café food. Wifi available for relaxing or getting some work done. I more or less camp out here when my to-do list is extra long because I have no reason to leave.

Moose & Mollie’s, 147, E. 2nd St., Roanoke, 260-676-2020,

This is an espresso-focused shop that also serves gelato and other decadent desserts. They have a full menu of more savory options, like a goat cheese sandwich and grilled cheese and tomato toastie. Super cute and has available wifi for work or relaxation.




Ask anyone in the county where to go for a great breakfast, and you’ll hear one name more than any others: Johnny’s, 26 Riverside Dr., Huntington, 260-356-5129.


Their cinnamon rolls are the things of legend. Their veggie omelet is also pretty stellar. Good old diner – cash only.


International Cuisine


Wanting vegetarian cuisine from around the world? Huntington County has plenty to offer!

Ari’s Gyros and BBQ is a hidden little gem downtown, 201 S. Jefferson St., Huntington, 260-200-1050

Stop by for Greek food and barbecue. Plenty of veggie wraps, pita bread, hummus, and spanakopita, a Greek spinach pie, for a Mediterranean taste. Outdoor seating, pickup, and drive-thru only.


Great Wall is a Chinese restaurant and buffet at 1732 Poplar St., Huntington, 260-356-8828

Great Wall that has the veggie-goodness you’d expect. The bean curd stir-fry and garlic broccoli on the menu are my go-to’s. The corn nuggets at the buffet are to die for!

 Chava’s 102 Frontage Rd., Huntington, 260-358-4204,

Chava’s is a new fast-casual restaurant where you can walk down the line to build your own burritos, tacos, or salad. Like any Mexican restaurant, refried beans and rice are in no short supply!

Mecates Mexican Grill  Frontage Rd., Huntington, 260-224-6492

If you’re wanting Mexican food, but a more sit-down style, Mecates Mexican Grill is a great choice. Here, I recommend the potato enchiladas, spinach quesadillas and veggie fajitas.

It’s not always easy eating green but here’s to keeping an open mind and an open mouth and trying new things in new places! Good luck!



Posted by Tina Bobilya at 4:37 pm