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There are so many places out there making pizza, but few have the legend status that local Z-Place Pizza takes very seriously. Z-Place has been a Huntington staple since 1969 when they opened in a small trailer behind the gas station on the corner of Jefferson and MacGahan. Owner Larry Kreider tells the story of how the small operation received orders for 450 pizzas on their first night of operation and how impossible it was to fill even close to that amount of orders. “A lot of people went home disappointed,” Kreider explained.


Z-Place grew very quicky into its first downtown location on E. Washington St. in 1970 and then into its current restaurant in 1973.


When you walk in the door, you look directly into the kitchen which features its pizza oven. To a normal person, it looks like a regular oven, but to the Z-Place pizza lovers, this is the source of the flavor they have grown to love. This original deck oven can hold up to 16 – 16” pizzas at a time and is rare in the pizza world. And when Larry adds the custom crafted sauce, with a recipe known only to three living people to the pie, you have a taste that cannot be duplicated!



The pizza is a thin pizza lovers delight. Don’t ask for deep dish here because they haven’t found one they like as well as their original. Try the best sellers, including the Z-pizza which includes pepperoni, American sausage, green pepper, green olives and onion OR the works with everything! I’m a garlic bread and breadsticks junkie and this place has the real deal on both. Trust me! Z-Place also serves a selection of broasted items, including fish, chicken, pork chops and potatoes or if you are feeling healthy, several salads and a salad bar. Kreider has owned Z-Place since 2011 and has worked hard to maintain the tradition of the Z-Place thin crust pizza that this community craves, but at the same time has made changes to the menu to please his customers.


When visiting Huntington, why not try one of the local legends and experience the unique flavor of Z-Place thin crust pizza! Perhaps you might find yourself venturing this way more often.

538 Warren Street
Huntington, Indiana 46750
(260) 356-4500


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