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Roanoke Louise Jones

County Murals Delight Visitors of All Ages

Huntington County is home to a growing number of outdoor murals so pack up the car and head out on this fun MURAL TRAIL! For a Google Map of all locations, scan the QR Code below.

Roanoke, Indiana – Corner of First and Main Streets
Artist: David Gray, Rick Fischer – mural restoration
Artwork: Historic Roanoke Mural

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Andrews, Indiana – 84 N. Main Street
Artist: Bryan Ballinger
Artwork: Hoedown


Huntington, Indiana* – 35 W. Market Street
Artist: America Carrillo
Artwork: Quails
*Project was part of the 11 Murals in 11 Days Project with the Northeast Indiana Regional Partnership


Markle, Indiana – 102 E. Morse Street, The Pickle
Artist: Bryan Ballinger
Artwork: Pickle on tractor


Roanoke, Indiana – 150 S. Main Street, Reusser
Artist: Louise Jones (Ouizi)
Artwork: Peonies and butterfly


Warren, Indiana – 11 E. 1st Street, East of Chicago Pizza
Artist: Amy Buchs
Artwork: Historical Warren


Huntington, Indiana– 500 N. Jefferson St., Huntington
Artist: America Carrillo
Artwork: Welcome Home (located on upper part of building, visible from front- look up!)


Huntington, Indiana – 552 N. Jefferson St., Downtown Salon
Artist: America Carrillo
Artwork: Imperfection is Beauty


Huntington, Indiana – 715 Byron St., Love Inc. Huntington County
Artist: Bryan Ballinger
Artwork: Shelter from the Rain


Roanoke, Indiana – 142 Main Street, Waterfield Plaza (mural is located at the entrance on High Street)
Artist: Samantha Fulk
Artwork: Wabash Erie Canal Lock


Huntington, Indiana – 1105 N. Broadway St. (mural is located at the Lake Clare Fitness Park)
Artist: James Mitten
Artwork: Wings


Huntington, Indiana – 32 E. Franklin St. (mural is located behind Huntington Arts and Entrepreneurial Center)
Artist: James Mitten
Artwork: Graffiti Art


Warren, Indiana – 128 N. Main St. (mural is located on Napa Building)
Artist: Nancy Wagner
Artwork: Small Town, Big Heart


Huntington, Indiana – 507 West Park Drive (JJ’s Convenience Store)
Artist: Amy Buchs Waterloo


Huntington, Indiana – 19 W. Washington St. (alley beside Brick House Grill)
Artist: America Carrillo
Artwork: You Have Been Chosen

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Huntington, Indiana– 500 N. Jefferson St., Huntington
Artist: America Carrillo
Artwork: Yes You Can

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Huntington, Indiana – 500 N. Jefferson St.
Artist: Bryan Ballinger
Artwork: BurgerSmax

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Warren, Indiana – 201 N. Wayne St.
Artist: Nancy Wagner
Artwork: Tree Swing

Warren X Change Mural

Scan this QR Code for a Google Map of Mural locations.

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