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The Guess Who Records Video Footage in Sunken Gardens

The Guess Who Band

On April 18, 2023, The Guess Who band came to Sunken Gardens in Huntington to record video footage for their upcoming music videos. The Park Superintendent and Park Programs Director were able to meet them and get a few pictures with them!

Here is a little about the band.

The Guess Who is a legendary Canadian band who enjoyed chart topping hits in the late 60s and early 70s with an impressive catalogue of songs including “American Woman,” “These Eyes,” and “No Time.” During the course of its career, the band has released 11 studio albums, and charted 14 Top 40 hit singles, 2 of which went to number one in the United States. The Guess Who is best known internationally for its 1970 album, American Woman, which hit number one in Canada and number nine in the United States, with five other albums also hitting the top ten in Canada. Their fan base spans multiple generations. Very few bands have survived numerous member changes — let alone having smash hits with each lineup — but The Guess Who’s motto is “the music is the message”.

The most recent and up-to-date version of the band has mastered a wildly entertaining romp through the early hits mixed in with their current creations,while managing to take the whole experience to a new level. Their most recent musical offering is stunningly sophisticated, searingly emotional, and musically eclectic, while remaining eminently singalongable.Their live show is a celebration of life, being alive, and thriving in these uncertaintimes.

The Guess Who never leave anything less than their hearts on the stage at the end of every performance.The Guess Who is:Garry Peterson, Derek Sharp, Michael Devin, Leonard Shaw, Michael Staertow.