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Huntington County Residents - What you need to know about the April 8 Eclipse

1. This is a big deal!
The State of Indiana is calling the April 8 eclipse “one of the biggest tourism events in Indiana’s history” and hundreds of thousands of tourists are expected to descend upon our Indiana communities to experience this eclipse. This event is rare. There will not be another total solar eclipse in the contiguous United States until 2044 and not again in Indiana until 2099. Here's a link to interactive map showing the path of totality across the country.

2. Markle and Warren are on the “Path of Totality”

Being on the Path of Totality means that we will experience complete darkness during the eclipse at approx. 3:08 p.m. There is nothing like experiencing the eclipse in totality. Only parts of Huntington County are on the path of totality. These areas include the towns of Markle and Warren. Salamonie Lake State Park’s Lost Bridge East is also on the edge of totality. All three locations will offer viewing sites for the public. See links at bottom of article for an interactive map of the path of totality.

3. Convenient Access

Markle and Warren are the first two exits off I-69 where visitors can view the total solar eclipse when coming south from Fort Wayne and Northeast Indiana. We are very fortunate to have this access to totality and hope that you will take advantage of this very rare opportunity - most of us will not be able to witness this again in our lifetimes.

4. Impact to the Region

The state is predicting extensive traffic issues due to the eclipse traffic-Especially from Central Indiana. You may want to reschedule travel if planned on that day. Also, agencies are suggesting that you gas up your car in advance of the event and have adequate food supplies at home in case shortages arise from excessive visitors.

5. Weather could impact the eclipse viewing experience.

A cloudy day will still elicit darkness but the corona may not be visible. It will still be an amazing experience. Eclipse chasers will move on to areas that have the promise of clear skies. Click here for descriptions on totality experience with info on all weather conditions.

6. We are a convenient place to view the eclipse

We anticipate that due to location and ease of access of I-69 that we will have crowds of visitors that day. Parking, entertainment, food, bathrooms will be made available to our out-of-town guests. We want to welcome them into our communities in the hopes that they will want to come back!

7. Where to watch

Is your home/residence on the path of totality? Only parts of Huntington County are in the totality path. Residents are encouraged to join in the fun and are invited to the viewing areas. Here's a map of where the path of totality will pass. Zoom in to find your home. Here's details about Huntington County Viewing Areas.

8. We need your help.

If you are planning to watch the eclipse that day and are also willing to be ambassadors for our small towns, please let us know. We are in need of helpers to hand out materials, greet visitors and assist in parking/traffic flow.

9. Eclipse Glasses

We will have a limited number of eclipse glasses available for free to local residents. Stay tuned for details.

10. Be a part of the fun.

If you want to get involved, let us know if you want to promote your business, if your group wants to participate with a booth or help out with logistics. All are welcome. Give us a call at the Visitor Bureau 260-359-8687 or drop us an email at [email protected].

Want to know more? Click these links for information on the April 8 Eclipse.

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