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Top 10 FAVORITE DESSERTS in Huntington County

We asked the locals to vote for their favorite desserts and they delivered this mouth-watering list of baked goods from across the county! Head to Huntington County for a sweet tooth fix of epic proportions!

1. Monster Cookies, Bear and Beak (Huntington)

This oversized cookie from Bear and Beak is all you need in your life! The flavors of oatmeal, peanut butter, chocolate chips and M&M's all join forces for max flavor. Best part is that they are also gluten free!

Bear and beak monster cookies

2. Cinnamon Roll, Bear and Beak (Huntington)

You'll feel like you've died and gone to heaven! This extra-large cinnamon roll has a perfect ratio of dough to frosting and is best enjoyed warm. You'll definitely have enough to share- although you'll have to decide who gets that wonderful gooey center.

Bear and Beak Cinnamon Roll

3. Carrot Cake Cheesecake, Wise Guys Downtown (Huntington)

Imagine two layers of dense carrot cake filled with a layer of thick creamy cheesecake. The cheesecakes at Wise Guys have developed a cult following all on their own and the residents of the area recommend ANY and ALL of the rotating flavors. Don't blame us if you gain a few pounds while you work your way through the flavors!

Carrot cake cheesecake Wise Guys

4. Cinnamon Rolls, Son Rise Bakery (Warren)

Locals cannot get enough of the Cinnamon Rolls from Son Rise in Warren. They are loaded with cinnamon flavor and are moist and delicious! Get them while they're hot or better yet, take home a pan for the whole family to enjoy.

Son Rise cinnamon Rolls

5. Macarons, Proper Pastry (Roanoke)

No need to travel to Europe to get your macaron fix! Proper Pastry in Roanoke is artfully creating these amazing sandwich cookies loaded up with their delictate Italian buttercream and other tasty fillings. Choose from vanilla, chocolate, lemon, raspberry, pistachio, lavender, and espresso - all delicious so you'll definitely want to try them all! These make excellent gifts!

Macarons Proper Pastry

6. Sugar Cream Pie, Nick's Kitchen (Huntington)

Almost as famous as its tenderloin, Nick's sugar cream pie is somewhat of a legend around these parts! You'll love the creamy custard coated with their crunchy cinnamon topping on their homemade crust. Get a fresh slice in the restaurant or ship a pie via Goldbelly to friends and family across the country.

Nicks Sugar Cream Pie

7. Apple Dumplings, Nadean's Cakes/Cookies/Catering (Markle)

Just like grandma used to make and probably better! Nadean's Apple Dumplings are assembled with made-from-scratch dough, filled with soft baked apples and covered in a rich sauce. *Don't forget the ice cream!*

Nadeans Apple Dumplings

8. Scotcharoos, Son Rise Bakery (Warren)

Now this is a dessert that will send you back to your childhood. Think rice krispy treat only BETTER with butterscotch goodness all covered in chocolate. These are perfect for lunch boxes and after school snacks so pick up enough for the family.

Son Rise Scotcharoos

9. Lemon Ricotta Cookie, Moose and Mollie's Cafe (Roanoke)

Soft, lemony goodness, these cookies are not only refreshing but will have you craving them for weeks. Moose and Mollie's is well-known for their delicious gelato but make no mistake, their baked goods game is tight! Stop in after a day of shopping and enjoy this cookie on the way home.

Moose and mollies 4

10. Tower Carrot Cake, Brick House Grill (Huntington)

This carrot cake at the Brick House is massive, with layer upon layor of goodness. Moist and delicious and covered in their amazing icing, the Tower Carrot Cake is so good it'll make you want to skip dinner and go straight to dessert. While this cake is worthy of sharing we prefer to get our own slice and take home the leftovers to keep the flavor party going.

Tower Carrot Cake Brick House Grill