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  • These Ten Sandwiches were voted BEST in the County!

Okay foodies, who's ready to set out on a sandwich adventure? We asked the locals to vote for their favorite sandwiches and these ten earned top marks. We've traveled to each local eatery and sampled and photographed each so that we could showcase them for you!

1. Hand-Breaded Pork Tenderloin, Nick's Kitchen (506 N Jefferson St, Huntington)

Nothing beats the original hand-breaded pork tenderloin sandwich that was created by Nick Freienstein over 100 years ago and it's still made the same way. Made with the best cuts of pork, you'll taste the difference. Served with your choice of toppings and may we suggest a side of onion rings and a slice of their famous sugar cream pie! (photo contributed)

Nicks tenderloin

2. Philly Cheesesteak, Taste of Philly, 4227 E Station Road, Roanoke

Nestled in a small strip mall in the Town of Roanoke, Taste of Philly is serving up their famous Philly Cheesesteaks all day long. They take these sandwiches so seriously that they get both their bread and meat from out East to ensure their authenticity. Eat in or take it on the go, just bring plenty of napkins! You'll need them!

Taste of Philly

3. Foghorn Leghorn, Brick House Grill, 19 W. Washington St., Huntington

"Now looka, I say, looka here", this sandwich has been called life changing and I think that could be true. This breaded chicken sandwich is loaded up with all kinds of goodness including cheese, onion ring, special smoky sauce and all the fixings. It's also available with grilled chicken - which is a tasty alternative. Their homemade chips make the ideal side.

Brick House Foghorn Leghorn

4. Hand-Breaded Pork Tenderloin, Hoosier Drive-In, 1525 Etna Ave, Huntington

The Hoosier Drive-In has been serving up local favorites for decades and still going strong with their always popular Hand-Breaded Pork Tenderloin. Get it with your choice of toppings and a side of Hoosier Fries which are hand cut and fried to perfection. It's carry out only here at the Hoosier, but they are fast and everything is made-to-order.

Hoosier Tenderloin

5. Garbage Burger, Wagon Wheel, 215 N Wayne St, Warren

I'm not sure how this burger got the name "garbage" because it is absolutely delicious! Loaded with hot cheese and a mix of onions, green pepper and mushrooms, you might even compare it to a steak dinner. Some of the locals leave off the bun and ask for steak sauce on the side, but I had mine just as is and no condiments are needed as it's just that good. Their cole slaw is something of a legend so consider that for your side

Wagon Wheel Garbage Burger
6. The Hometowner (Pork Tenderloin), Brick House Grill, 19 W. Washington St., Huntington

This was the largest of all the tenderloins we sampled and as you can see in the photo you need to bring your A-game in hunger to finish it. All the ingredients and toppings were fresh and the bun was toasty warm. This is a meal in itself, but if you are feeling adventurous, consider the upcharge to try their Brussels Sprouts as your side. You won’t be disappointed! Website

Brick House Hometowner

7. Hungry Farmer Wagyu Burger, Joseph Decuis Emporium, 151 N. Main St., Roanoke

Joseph Decuis Restaurant is a well-established Indiana dining destination, famous for its gourmet farm-raised Wagyu beef. The Emporium is their casual lunch restaurant serving up amazing burgers using 100% Wagyu beef. Available in 1/2 or 1/3 pound with your choice of cheese and condiments, the Hungry Farmer is a MUST DO when dining here. It’s well-seasoned and that Wagyu literally melts in your mouth.

Hungry farmer

8. Big Daddy Bourbon Burger, The Pickle, 102 E. Morse St., Markle

The Big Daddy Bourbon Burger is a serious addition to the burger world. A hefty half pound burger is topped with melted provolone cheese, three mozarella sticks, bacon and Bourbon Sriracha sauce and toppings! The crunch of the cheese sticks combined with that amazing sauce is truly what makes this burger special! I’m not sure that any side dish you get will deter your determination to finish this sandwich and be utterly stuffed so I opted for the chips and took them home for a snack later.

Pickle Bourbon Burger

9. Not-So-Famous Tenderloin, The Country Post, 65 Commercial Road, Huntington

The Country Post is a local favorite and you’ll see the community well-represented at any given mealtime. The Not So Famous Tenderloin is tops on their list of sandwiches for a reason. They’re breaded and deep fried to perfection with your pick of toppings. The Country Post has a generous selection of sides but this sandwich is always best paired with their crinkle cut fries. DO have a slice of homemade pie before you go!

Country post tenderloin

10. The Hula Girl, Brick House Grill, 19 W. Washington St., Huntington

If your sandwich has fruit on it, does it automatically make it more healthy? The Hula Girl features a grilled chicken breast topped with bacon, swiss and grilled pineapple. YUP, it’s a mix of savory and sweet and it’ll have you craving it for days afterwards. This is the third sandwich by The Brick House Grill to make our top ten list, but please don’t make us choose our favorite.

Hula Girl 2